MID-TAC’s Bright Future with NEON - "Light It Up"

Whether you’re competing or practicing on the court, driving to a tournament, studying or just hanging out listening to your favorite tunes, NEON delivers the extra boost you need to keep going and succeed! 
All of NEON energy drink’s ingredients are natural – 24% fruit juice from concentrate, 7 essential B vitamins for enhanced energy, brain support and healthy metabolism, and just the right blend of caffeine from green tea and Gotu Kola, an element from the South American Cinchona tree, which gives NEON its green glow color (see the comparison chart below). Plus, it tastes great!
The real benefit of NEON is that when you buy NEON through the MID-TAC web site or at any of the MID-TAC events, a portion of the proceeds is contributed to MID-TAC.
That’s right, buying a great tasting, natural energy drink helps MID-TAC provide junior player scholarships, prize money and, of course, cover operating expenses.
NEON is a premium energy drink with all natural ingredients, yet the per can cost is comparable to other big brands. In fact, in many cases, the cost is actually a little less than the others. And yes, we want you to buy NEON by the case! We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Please use Promoter Code 3528489 when purchasing.
Each case is $59.00, plus shipping and handling, which averages to about $3.00/can. Want to purchase multiple cases, ask about bulk pricing. Either way you'll be helping yourself and MID-TAC. All NEON case purchasers will be recognized as a MID-TACEnergizer sponsor.
Also inquire how you can get yours for free by referring others! Neon has no spike - no crash - healthy energy that last!!
Watch the New Visalus Energy Drink 52 second  " Neon"  video here!