Club Name: MLK Tennis Buffs, Inc.
City and State: St. Paul, Minnesota
Club Location (tennis courts): Martin Luther King Park, 271 Mackubin St., Paul, MN
Contact person: Tony Stingley, Secretary, (612) 618-1783
Club Website Name: Visit us on Facebook under MLK Tennis Buffs
Club email:
MISSION STATEMENT:  "The Buffs" is established for the purposes of promoting the development of recreational tennis within the African-American/Black community (hereafter called "the community"), including the development of junior and adult programs and the cultivation of tennis play and social interaction between its members and with other tennis clubs.
President: Ozzie Johnson
Vice President: Harvey Rupert
Secretary: Tony Stingley
Treasurer: Harold Bridgeman

PROGRAMS: [Seasonal 
(1) Adult/Youth free lesson program (Summer) 
(2) Daily tennis competition (Spring, Summer, Fall)
(3) Monthly cookouts and tennis parties (Summer)
(4) Monthly tennis parties (Fall, Winter, Spring)


If you're visiting the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the spring, summer or fall, you can always get a tennis match. MLK Tennis Buffs members play every evening after work (5:30 pm) and on the weekends (2:00 pm) at Martin Luther King Park, 271 Mackubin St., St. Paul, MN