Criteria: (1) Has consistently participated in MID-TAC for at least 20 years; and/or (2) won their division on a regular basis; and/or (3) supported MID-TAC by volunteering or serving on any committee to help grow our Section. (2016)

(LAST NAME) - (FIRST NAME), Status: Player/Volunteer/Officer, etc., (City, State)

Queen, Darlene - Player, California, MD

Reason, Lovetta - Volunteer/Supporter, Chicago, IL

Rhoades, Debra - Player, Cleveland, OH

Rigley, James - Player/Sports Item Entrepreneur, ________________

Riley, Patricia - Player/Supporter, Alsip, IL

Riley, Ronald - Player/Supporter, Alsip, IL

Rio, George - Player, Toledo, OH

Roach, Shirley - MID-TAC Vice President [2010 - Current], Player, Chicago, IL

Rodgers, Willie - Player, St. Louis, MO

Ross-Beam, Annette - Player/Volunteer, Dayton, OH [Tennis Club of Dayton]

Scott, Franklyn Dr. - [Past President American Tennis Association [2010 - 2016], Player, Philadephia, PA

Scott, William - Player, Philadelphia, PA

Searles, Barbara - Player/Volunteer/Supporter, Chicago, IL

Shively, Wm - Player, Louisville, KY

Smith, Lee *2016 Living Legend*, Player/Supporter, Glendale, MD

Steele, Julia - MID-TAC Tournament Administrator [20__ - Current], Chicago, IL

Stennis, Rodney *2016 Living Legend* , Player, Memphis, TN

Stone, Bruce - MID-TAC Treasurer [2010 - Current], Player, Louisville, KY

Stuckey, Jason, Past Junior Player/Current Open Player, ___________________

Stuckey, Justin, Past Junior Player/Current Open Player, ___________________

Sullivan, Mac - Player/Supporter, Louisville, KY

Thompson, James J. - Player, Duluth, GA

Thompson, Sheryl - Player/Supporter, Chicago, IL

Thornton, John - Player, Chicago, IL

Thurman, Sanford - Player/Volunteer, Dayton, OH

Toney, Fred - Player, Pine Bluff, AR

Townsell, Douglas (Lee) - Player, Cincinnati, OH

Trish, Pam - Player, Chicago, IL

Turner, Arvel *2016 Living Legend* , Player/Supporter, Memphis, TN

Turner-Burkes, Constance - Player, Chicago, IL