Criteria: (1) Has consistently participated in MID-TAC for at least 20 years; and/or (2) won their division on a regular basis; and/or (3) supported MID-TAC by volunteering or serving on any committee to help grow our Section. (2016)

(LAST NAME) - (FIRST NAME), Status: Player/Volunteer/Officer, etc., (City, State)

Makle, Vanessa - Volunteer/Jr. Site Director [2015-Current], Louisville, KY

Martin, Ronald B - Player, ____________, NY

McGill, John - Top Men's Player, Louisville, KY

Meadors, Alyce - Player/Past MID-TAC President [199_ to 199_], ____________, TN (prev. St. Louis, MO)

Meadors, Napoleon - Player/Past MID-TAC Tournament Director [199_ to 199_], ____________, TN (prev. St. Louis, MO)

Meldrum, John - Player/Past Treasurer and Tournament Director [198_ to 199_), __________, GA (prev. Indianapolis, IN)

Mimms, Carl - *2016 Living Legend* , Player, Tampa, FL (prev. Indianapolis, IN)

Mitchell, Mitch - Player, Detroit, MI

Mitchell, Ronald - Player, Chicago, IL

Morgan, Precious - Player/Volunteer/Jr. Site Director [199_ - Current], Chicago, IL

Morris, Claranelle - Player/Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Morrison, Karl - Player/Past Treasurer [199_ to 2006], Indianapolis, IL

Morse, Robert - Player/Volunteer/Supporter, Akron, OH [President: Tennis AllStars]

Morton, Frank - Player/Volunteer, Indianapolis, IN [Past President: Capitol City Tennis Club]

Murphy, Valerie - Player/Supporter, Country Club Hills, IL

Neal, Charles *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Chicago, IL

Nelson, Andrea - Past Tournament Director (2013], Ft. Myers, FL (prev. Chicago, IL)

Nelson, Charles - Player/Supporter, Ft. Myers, FL (prev. Chicago, IL)

Oates, Claudia - Player, Cleveland, OH

Pack, Tony - Volunteer/Supporter, Cincinnati, OH (Inner City Tennis Project)

Parker, Ethel *2016 Living Legend* - Player/Supporter, Toledo, OH

Parker, Jordan - Past Junior Player / Current Open Player, Detroit, MI

Parker, Ronnie - Player. Detroit, MI

Patterson, Rita - Player/Volunteer/MID-TAC Secretary [2010 - Current] Louisville, KY

Poellnitz, Cynthia - Player/Volunteer/Past Site Director, ______________, SC (prev. Chicago, IL)