Criteria: (1) Has consistently participated in MID-TAC for at least 20 years; and/or (2) won their division on a regular basis; and/or (3) supported MID-TAC by volunteering or serving on any committee to help grow our Section. (2016)

(LAST NAME) - (FIRST NAME), Status: Player/Volunteer/Officer, etc., (City, State)

Jackson, Sylvia *2016 Living Legend* - Player/Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Jamison, Sam - Player/Supporter, Indianapolis, IN

Johnson, Arthur L. - Player/Volunteer, Louisville, KY

Johnson, Donald - Player, Chicago, IL

Johnson, J. Thomas - Player, Dayton, OH

Johnson, Jimmy - Player, Chicago, IL [President: Chicago Prairie Tennis Club]

Johnson, Sarah - Past Junior Player / Current Open Player, Chicago, IL

​Johnson, Wvyette - Player, Chicago, IL

Jones, Steve - Player, ___________, FL (prev. Chicago, IL)

Joyner, Cyrus - Player. __________, CA

Kean, Dan - Player/Volunteer, Louisville, KY

Kenner, Greg - Player/MID-TAC Accountant [2002-Current], Chicago, IL

Kenner, Joyce - Player/Supporter, Chicago, IL

Leake, Ruth - Player/Past Secretary [198_ to 198_], Chicago, IL

Lewis, Paula - Player/Volunteer/MID-TAC Parliamentarian 2012 - Current], Cleveland, OH

Little-Martin, Sandra - Player/Volunteer, _______, AZ (prev. Chicago, IL)

Lucas, Phillip *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Capital Heights, MD