Criteria: (1) Has consistently participated in MID-TAC for at least 20 years; and/or (2) won their division on a regular basis; and/or (3) supported MID-TAC by volunteering or serving on any committee to help grow our Section. (2016)

(LAST NAME) - (FIRST NAME), Status: Player/Volunteer/Officer, etc., (City, State)

Fair, Rachel - Volunteer, Cincinnati, OH​ (COO - Inner City Tennis Project)

Floyd, Vivian - Player,  ______________

Garner, Cassandra - Player/Volunteer, Indianapolis, IN [Capitol City Tennis Club]

Garner, James, Player/Volunteer, Indianapolis, IN [Treasurer - Capitol City Tennis Club]

Garner, Marie M. - Player. ________________

Garrett, Lavonna - Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Gates, Paul - Player, _________________

Gilbert, Nancy *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Cleveland, OH

Gool, Marty - Player, Chicago, IL

Grant, Angela - Player, Chicago, IL

Hattie, Grimsley - Player, Sarasota, FL (prev. Oak Park, IL)

Hampton, Bobby - Player, Chicago, IL

Handley, Teresa - Player/Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Harris, Bobby - Player, Chicago, IL

Harris, Ralph - Player/Photographer [BTMag], Roanoke, VA

Harston, Geri - Player, Sunset, Illinois

Hill, Maceo - Player, Columbus, OH

Hill, Robert - Volunteer, Indianapolis, IN

Holt, Charles - Player/Volunteer/MID-TAC Past Vice President 198__ to 19__], Chicago, IL

Hudson, Stanley - Player/Volunteer, St. Louis, MO