Criteria: (1) Has consistently participated in MID-TAC for at least 20 years; and/or (2) won their division on a regular basis; and/or (3) supported MID-TAC by volunteering or serving on any committee to help grow our Section. (2016)

(LAST NAME) - (FIRST NAME), Status: Player/Volunteer/Officer, etc., (City, State)

Abellard, Serge - Player, St. Louis, MO​

Adams, Katrina - Professional Player, President of USTA (2014-2016), White Plains, NY (prev. Chicago, IL)

Allen, Earl - Player, Indianapolis, IN

Allen, Roger E. - Player, Evanston, IL

Amos, Ed - Player, Past Secretary & Tournament Director [198_ to 199_, Columbus, OH

Amos, Ivy - Player, Columbus, OH

Bailey, Kenneth - Past Site Director, Detroit, MI

Baker, Hardy - Player, Philadelphia, PA

Barber, Marcus *2016 Living Legend* , Player - Louisville, KY

Barker, Al - Player, Cleveland, OH

Barnes, David - Player, _______, New York

Barton, Jack Jr. - Tournament Director 2014 - Current, Matteson, IL

Barton, Jack Sr. *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Crete, IL

Barton, Chris *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Harvey, IL

Beckam, Bobby - Player, Chicago, IL

Belgrave, Reginald - Player. ______________, NY

Biggs, Fred - Player, ____________, South Carolina (Prev. Chicago, IL)

Black, Pam - Player, Chicago, IL

Bolling, Howard *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Crete, IL

Brooks, John - Player. Chicago, IL

Brown, Joann - Player, Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Rachel - Player, _____________________

Brown, Richard - Player, Parliamentarian & Historian, Detroit, MI

Bryant, Lamont - Past Tournament Director, Chicago, IL

Buck-Horton, Jacqueline - Player/Volunteer, St. Louis, MO [Netrushers Tennis Association]

Buckhalter, Gary - Player/Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Burns, Linda - Player/Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Cammack, William - Chicago, IL / New York

Childs, Gloria - Player, Chicago, IL

Clark, Carl - Player/Supporter, Indianapolis, IN [Capitol City Tennis Club]

Cleary, Jesse - Player, Detroit, MI [Vice President - Motor City Tennis Club]

Collins, Steve - Player, Chicago, IL

Crosby, Emery - Player, ________________________.

Crowder, Marrietta - Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Crowder, Tyrone - Past MID-TAC President [2002-2006], Chicago, IL

Crutcher, Zachary - Player, ________________

Cruzat, Edward - Past Junior Player, Chicago, IL

Davis, Denise - Player, Chicago, IL

Davis, Edgar - Past President [198_ to 198_], Chicago, IL

Day, Hatcher - Player, Columbus, OH

Devine, Cliff - Player, Cleveland, OH

Dones, Perry - Player, Florissant, MD

Donnell, Linda - Volunteer/Site Director, Chicago, IL

Dorsey, Margaret - MID-TAC President [2010 - Current], Player, Chicago, IL

Draper, Sandra - Player, Chicago, IL

Dupree, Ollen *2016 Living Legend* - Player, Bowie, MD