Press Release Dated June 22, 2016 - OUR GLORIOUS DAYS!!!
The Midwestern Tennis Association ("MID-TAC") *** Celebrates 93 Years of Tournament Play ***

An interesting thing happened while the Executive Board of the Midwestern Tennis Association ("MID-TAC") was doing research in preparation of the organization's 60th Anniversary celebration. Members learned the organization's history dates back even further by more than 30 years.

An August 21, 1926 Chicago National Defender [newspaper] article reported that the Annual "Western" Tennis Association Championship was being held in Chicago, Illinois. Other articles stated that two prior championships were held in Wilberforce, Ohio in 1924 and 1925. From the found history, it was also learned that around 1929 the organization's name was changed from the Western Tennis Association to the Midwestern Tennis Association. Later, the tournament adopted its abbreviated name MID-TAC. 

"We are thrilled to learn that our roots are even deeper than we thought," said Margaret Dorsey, MID-TAC President. "We have always known that MID-TAC and the support it provides was intricate to the development of African-American tennis and its players. The achievements of former MID-TAC players such as Donald Young (tennis professional ranked at No. 38), Katrina Adams (current USTA National President) and other outstanding collegiate players are part of a rich legacy of tennis history in the Midwest."
To acknowledge that history, MID-TAC has submitted a display to be included in the American Tennis Association (ATA) Historical Exhibit at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center for the ATA's 100th Anniversary Celebration in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the monts of July and August. "The exhibit is our way of honoring our past and inspiring a new generation of tennis enthusiasts," said Dorsey. [MID-TAC's original beginnings were in Chicago, IL through the involvement of Mother Mary Ann Seames and others]. "The MID-TAC Executive Board and 2016 Tournament Committee Members worked diligently to ensure that this year's Annual Championship Tournament will be a huge success."

This year's tournament will also recognize the following 15 "MID-TAC Living Legends" - aged 70 and over who will be playing in the 2016 Annual Championship Tournament or have been actively involved in the organization's history for more than 20 years. [Below are only a portion of the Living Legends that will be recognizaed over the next several years by MID-TAC].

Marcus Barber, Louisville, KY

Chris Barton, Harvey, IL

Jack Barton, Sr., Crete, IL

Howard Bolling, Crete, IL

Ollen Dupree, Bowie, MD

Marcus Freeman, Dallas, TX

Nancy Gilbert, Cleveland, OH

Sylvia Jackson, Chicago, IL

Phil Lucas, Capital Heights, MD

Carl Mimms, Tampa, FL

Chuck Neal, Chicago, IL

Ethel Parker, Toledo, OH

Lee Smith, Glen Dale, MD

Rodney Stennis, Memphis, TN

Arvel Turner, Memphis, TN

Richard Bradley, Chicago, IL - 1st included in Hall of Fame (Deceased) - 

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